Upcoming Events

The School of Philosophy organises various events and courses for the enjoyment of students and visitors. This page lists upcoming offerings that complement the School’s Philosophy courses and bring practical philosophy to everyday living.

You can also read more about featured events in the Features section of this site.

On the Calendar

  • Just This Day - Wednesday, 22 November, 2017 - see below
  • Practical Wisdom Workshop - Heartfulness - Saturday, 25 November, 2017 - see below
  • Plato Summer School - Saturday, 6 January - Saturday 13 January, 2018 - refer to Plato Week Features page
  • CTRL+ALT+RETREAT - Saturday, 6 January - Saturday 13 January, 2018 - refer to YYP Retreat Features page
  • Sanskrit Week - Saturday 13 January - Sunday 21 January, 2018 - refer to Sanskrit Week Features page

Practical Wisdom Workshops

More discourse than lecture, these presentations offer you the opportunity to engage with the subject matter, question, and discuss with like-minded people.  Join the discovery of practical wisdom and how it could be applied to daily life.

Current workshops are:

  • Saturday, 30 September - How do I make Better Choices?, presented by Mr Stephen Abrahams.
  • Saturday, 21 October - Democracy, Plato and the Freedom Trap, presented by Dr Craig Hassed.
  • Saturday, 25 November - Heartfulness, presented by Dr Stephen McKenzie.

For more information and to register, go to https://www.practicalwisdomworkshops.org/

Each workshop is limited to 20 attendees.

Just This Day, 2017

Our world is busy and in the turmoil we forget we all share the same space

Go beyond difference and remember the still silent space where everything is One

That space is the same up mountains and in valleys

In cities or fields

In Pleasure and in Pain

In Peace or Conflict

In fact, wherever YOU are, it belongs to us all

All are invited to celebrate 'JUST THIS DAY' on Wednesday, November 22nd, when we will honour the theme of the day which is to:

 "go beyond difference and remember the still silent space where everything is One".

6am to 7.30 pm - Meditation and reflection in MacLaren Hall accessible via 45 Riversdale Road, Hawthorn.

7.45pm to 9.00pm - Gather at the labyrinth amidst the four soothing elemental chimes for a candlelit walk. Nourishing pre Christmas Cake will be served following the walk.

VENUE:  'FAIRVIEW PARK', RIVERSDALE ROAD, HAWTHORN.(entry via steps from Riversdale Road near the old tram depot).

We will be joined by members from the Brahma Kumaris, the Indigenous Community, Boroondara Council, and Australian Labyrinth Network. There will be a dance performance by the Abhinaya Dance Group. The celebrations will conclude by 9pm.

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Lifestyle & Culture Lectures

Lifestyle & Culture Lectures

The Lifestyle & Culture Lecture Series presents unique and exciting talks that explore issues of health and well-being, the arts and society, and the quest for happiness and self-knowledge.

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Cultural Day

Cultural Day

The Cultural Day is a wonderful opportunity for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students—along with family and friends—to take part in a range of workshops spanning the arts and sciences.

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Cultural Evenings at Croydon

Cultural Evenings at Croydon

The Cultural Evenings at Croydon are an opportunity for students of the School, along with family and friends, to enjoy engaging talks on a wide range of engaging topics in a lovely setting.

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Just This Day

Just This Day

Go beyond nationality, religious belief or difference and remember the still, silent present where everything is united—just this day. A worldwide event by our sister school in London.

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