Upcoming Events

The School of Philosophy organises various events and courses for the enjoyment of students and visitors. This page lists upcoming offerings that complement the School’s Philosophy courses and bring practical philosophy to everyday living.

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On the Calendar

  • Practical Wisdom Workshop: Resilience - Discovering Your Inner Strength - Saturday 23rd June, 2018 (details below)
  • Practical Wisdom Workshop: Plato - The Art of Excellence - Saturday 21st July, 2018 (details below)
  • Practical Philosophy for Everyday Life - Saturday 28th July, 2018 (details below)
  • Practical Wisdom Workshop: Why We Eat What We Do - Saturday 4th August, 2018 (details below)
  • Start of next term - Monday 10th September, 2018

Practical Wisdom Workshops

Practical Wisdom Workshops are offered in the belief that the timeless wisdom traditions still have relevance in today’s world and when applied produce unique initiatives. We have lined up 3 passionate presenters who have all found inspiration and conviction from studying and practicing the tenets of wisdom texts over many years. They here offer the fruits of their study which has been as much practical application as intellectual study.

The PWW format offers a forum for the participant to join in and question if required or share their experiences if desired or just to soak up the information and quietly reflect how it might apply in their lives.

The philosophies that have stood the test of time were ground breaking in their day. Come and be a part of something old yet new, individual yet universal - Be a part of the heard - not the HERD!

Current workshops are:

  • Saturday, 23 June - Resilience - Discovering your Inner Strength, presented by Mr Michael Luscombe.
  • Saturday, 21 July - Plato - The Art of Excellence, presented by Mrs Marita Brewster.
  • Saturday, 4 August - Why We Eat What We Do, presented by Mrs Catherine Irvine.

More discourse than lecture, these presentations offer you the opportunity to engage with the subject matter, question & discuss with like minded people. Join the discovery of practical wisdom and how it could be applied in daily life. 

Location:  All workshops will be held at the School of Philosophy. 1 Through Street, Hawthorn. (Enter through Erasmus Primary School carpark off Through Street).

Cost:         All workshops $35 each 

Each workshop is limited to 20 attendees.

For more information and to book, go to https://www.practicalwisdomworkshops.org/

Practical Philosophy for Everyday Life

Saturday 28 July 2018 from 9:00am to 1.30pm
at Earth Ed, Olympic Avenue, Mount Clear (opposite Mount Clear College)

Ever wondered:
- Is there a better way?
- Why am I here?
- How stillness or mindfulness may help?

Join the Ballarat School of Philosophy to explore some practical, everyday tools to increase happiness and contentment in your life.

A series of sessions and workshops that showcase some of these practical ways of making sense of life.

Keynote Speaker - Meditation and Medicine - (9:30 to 10:30 am)
Although it would not have surprised those from ancient wisdom traditions, modern science has revealed how deep the mind-body relationship goes, in fact, it goes all the way to the DNA of our cells. This interactive presentation will explore the science and philosophy of mind-body medicine with a particular emphasis on the health-giving properties of meditation. Subjects explored will include mental health, immunity, chronic pain, addiction, neuroplasticity and epigenetics.

Session 2 - Choice of one of three workshops (11am to 12noon)
Workshop 1 - Stillness and conserving your energy - How can we use the energy we have better, and feel more energy throughout the day?

Workshop 2 - Stillness and excellence - Plato tells us that true knowledge and happiness are available to us all. In this session we will examine some of the wisdom of Socrates and Plato and discover what it might take for us to be wise, contented and happy. 

Workshop 3 - Stillness through Drawing - Explore avenues of drawing with inspiration coming from what we see, feel and imagine. All material requirements will be supplied. No experience necessary.

Session 3 - What Now? (12:45 to 1:30pm)
After a day of looking at stillness and attention, how can we incorporate these more into our everyday lives? An interactive session that encourages participants to ask questions about the day and investigate how we can incorporate it into their lives.


$60pp, includes morning tea and a hot lunch


Tickets are limited and bookings are essential.  Book at www.trybooking.com/374212


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Lifestyle & Culture Lectures

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Cultural Evenings at Croydon

Cultural Evenings at Croydon

The Cultural Evenings at Croydon are an opportunity for students of the School, along with family and friends, to enjoy engaging talks on a wide range of engaging topics in a lovely setting.

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Just This Day

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Go beyond nationality, religious belief or difference and remember the still, silent present where everything is united—just this day. A worldwide event by our sister school in London.

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