Upcoming Events

The School of Philosophy organises various events and courses for the enjoyment of students and visitors. This page lists upcoming offerings that complement the School’s Philosophy courses and bring practical philosophy to everyday living.

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On the Calendar

  • Afternoon with Plato - Saturday 29th July, 2017 - see below
  • Explore Practical Philosophy at Ballarat - Saturday 5th August, 2017 - see below
  • Start of Term 3, 2017 - Monday 11th September, 2017

An Afternoon with Plato



The basis of government for any state or nation lies in the individuals who make it up.

Using a dialectical approach, we will explore what Plato said 2,500 years ago about government. We will investigate whether his words remain relevant today, what relevance they have to us as individuals, and whether they can help us to make sense of present day political events. 

Plato’s systems of government apply equally to states and to individuals. How would we be governed? Would we prefer to be ruled wisely, or are we tyrannised by our own desires and preferences?

Open to students of the School of Philosophy and their family and friends.

Download a brochure here.

When:    Saturday 29th July, 2017, 1pm to 5pm
Where:   School of Philosophy
               MacLaren Hall
               1 Through Street
Cost:      $25 entry fee

Refreshments provided.

Register now at: https://www.trybooking.com/291508

For more information contact Marita Brewster at plato@schoolofphilosophy.org.au or on 0411 148 291

Explore Practical Philosophy at Ballarat

... experience the difference

‘Remarkable People’ workshops and poster displays

Saturday 5 August 2017
at Earth Ed, Olympic Avenue, Mt Clear


Explore and travel through time with remarkable people in a selection of workshops and poster displays, with complimentary refreshments, light lunch and, if required, supervised school aged children's activities. Each workshop and poster display, in its own way, remembers and reveals wisdom, knowledge, love and happiness; they need not be searched out, rather they are closer than we think - they reside within.

10.00 –

Workshop 1
‘Why Plato now?’
Marita Brewster


Workshop 2
‘Eckhart Tolle in action’
Ruth Wood

11.00 –

Morning tea, posters

11.30 –

Workshop 3
‘Peace in our time’
Alison Brookman


Workshop 4
Philosophy and minimalism’
Belinda Fyffe

12.30 –

Light lunch, posters

1.30 –

Workshop 5
Dr Stephen McKenzie


Workshop 6
Calm amidst storm’
Teresa Arnold

2.30 –

Afternoon tea, posters

3.00 – 4.00pm

Plenary Workshop 7
‘Life, the universe and everything’
Dr Stephen McKenzie

Download brochure here.

How to book

  • Booking online or prepaid strongly recommended.
  • Select a maximum of four workshops for a full day; or, select one, two or three workshops for part of the day.
  • For parallel workshops on at the same time, select only one workshop; i.e. 1 or 2, 3 or 4 and 5 or 6.
  • Workshops cost $11.00 each, + 30c per workshop online booking fee.
  • If required, select supervised activities for school age children; these are free.


Book now at https://www.trybooking.com/278002


For prepaid booking by credit card, phone 03 5341 3468.

Payment on the day

  • Payment may be made in person on the day, half an hour before workshop commencement; you may pay by cash, credit card or cheque.



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Lifestyle & Culture Lectures

Lifestyle & Culture Lectures

The Lifestyle & Culture Lecture Series presents unique and exciting talks that explore issues of health and well-being, the arts and society, and the quest for happiness and self-knowledge.

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Cultural Day

Cultural Day

The Cultural Day is a wonderful opportunity for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students—along with family and friends—to take part in a range of workshops spanning the arts and sciences.

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Cultural Evenings at Croydon

Cultural Evenings at Croydon

The Cultural Evenings at Croydon are an opportunity for students of the School, along with family and friends, to enjoy engaging talks on a wide range of engaging topics in a lovely setting.

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Just This Day

Just This Day

Go beyond nationality, religious belief or difference and remember the still, silent present where everything is united—just this day. A worldwide event by our sister school in London.

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